Repetierer Bergara B14 Sporter .30-06 MT M14x1, schwarz

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Produktinformationen "Repetierer Bergara B14 Sporter .30-06 MT M14x1, schwarz"

As with the entire B14 Series, the SPORTER brings Bergara Barrel accuracy to a line of hunting rifles that is affordable to serious big-game hunters. Built in Spain, this rifle delivers a level of quality and performance that is unmatched in its price range. All B14 Series barreled actions feature Graphite Black Cerakote™ finishes for advanced protection in harsh weather.

It’s outfitted with a Bergara curved adjustable trigger we designed to guarantee a crisp, clean pull every time you fire the rifle.  The Sporter is available with either a hinged floorplate or a detachable magazine.